BUDDY our awesome Apricot Male

We will add pictures from the time he was little so you can see that his red stayed true. He is a very happy boy! He had another name but he just followed us around so sweetly that our whole family just kept calling him Buddy, so the name stuck! He is very smart, playful and has produced just beautiful, sweet, smart and happy dogs.

Kingsley: Our Kind Red Male

He is only 6 months old but will be replacing Buddy as our Male starting the end of 2021. I am keeping Buddy pictures up because he is the father to many of our pups! Kingsley plays fetch and loves to cuddle. He watches over everyone and loves his walks. His pedigree is absolutely outstanding with AKC show champs and we are happy to be able to include this sweet guy. His genetics are also outstanding and will give us beautiful Reds.

DANDY: Female one

She is my baby and follows me everywhere. She also loves to fetch and can find any toy I try to hide! She can open doors and speak on command. She is the smartest dog I have ever met. She is a beautiful color of Apricot and is an amazing mother. She also is the alpha! Genetics are also perfect.

ROSY: Athletic Female two

Now we have Rosy who is actually a Blond with apricot tips. She is my daughters baby- she watches over her, sleeps with her and they play. She loves to run and can do obstacle courses with ease. She also will get in a pool! Her instincts and genetics are amazing and great ones to pass on. She makes the widest range of colors and many puppies are like her, one color underneath another.

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